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Digital Expansion develops techniques and tricks for beginners in software development. We specialize in the use of APIs. Our team is composed of software specialists that develop low-level software and provides codes for those who want it.

Led by the founder, Essie Hoyle, Digital Expansion is situated in Indianapolis. We provide a consistent stream of content to aspiring software developers.

End-to-End Systems

We make sure our clients are provided with end-to-end systems with full-on development.

Our company values certainty, as a software development agency, should. That’s why we verify our solution or technology, as well as those of our clients.


Our clients sometimes need roadmaps so they can implement their tech in the software.

So, we conduct road mapping processes where we investigate the best practices, methods, and more.

Our clients will be informed if their goals are reachable in terms of realism.

Proof of Concept

Digital Expansion develops proof-of-concept solutions for the software products of our clients.

We collaborate to make your future product useful and handy as well as flexible to any changes in the industry.


We offer demos on the software that we develop so our clients may not have any regrets later on.

You’ll also have the opportunity to experience the concept that we used in a real-life situation.

Custom Solutions

Our team of software developers determine the best solution for your company by investigating your needs and the trends of your industry.

We then make use of this information to develop the best software possible for your company’s preferences.

If you’re interested in the services of Digital Expansion, you may contact us directly. You may also subscribe to this website so you can check our blogs for tips in software development.